Academic Skills

Following the objectives of the course and in response to specific requests for assistance, I will be posting items of use for developing academic skills:

1. Conducting Discussions

A handout dealing with basic expressions for class discussions: Summarizing and Explaining (PDF download)

Support for Oral Presentations (University of New South Wales)

2. Giving Presentations

Giving Presentations (PDF download).

Academic Presentations – Basic phrases (PDF download)

3.Writing Conference Abstracts

Conference Proposals and Abstracts (Claremont Graduate University)

How to Write a Good Abstract for a Conference Paper (Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies)

4. Writing a Critical Review Essay

Some resource links on writing critical review essays:

Critical Reviews (University of Wisconsin Madison)

Writing a Critical Review (University of New South Wales)

5. Vocabulary Building

Exercises to go with the Academic Word List (PDF download).

Sublist 1 | Answers

Sublist 2 | Answers

Sublists 3-4 | Answers

Sublists 5-6 | Answers

Sublists 6-7 | Answers

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