Syllabus Spring 2016

副題: カナダ多文化主義分析論 /
Exploring Multiculturalism in Canada: History, Debates, Representations

担当教員:Christopher J. Armstrong
開講時限:前期火曜日 2限 / Tuesdays, 2nd period

Course Objectives 目的・ねらい
This course aims to develop students’ academic writing, discussion and presentations skills through an exploration of contemporary Canadian cultures. In particular, the course aims to prepare students for the writing and presentation of short academic essays in the humanities and social sciences.

Course Requirements 履修条件等
Students should be functional in spoken and written English. Review of more fundamental aspects of academic reading, writing, and discussion will be addressed as needed.

Course Content 講義内容
Taking Canada’s official multiculturalism as a starting point, we shall discuss issues connected to historiography, national identity, cultural pluralism, and issues of representation in contemporary media and cultural texts, including literature, film, and television. We will begin with discussion of some the foundational theoretical statements on multiculturalism and its articulation as policy and ideology. Thereafter, we will explore the experience of particular communities (aboriginal people, French and English, and immigrant communities) in Canada as well as areas of special concern to questions of multiculturalism, including education, the media, Quebec’s model of interculturalism, religion, and the neoliberal / post-9-11 context.

The skills component of the course will focus on developing students’ academic literacy: namely, discussion and presentation skills, conducting research, and constructing sound arguments in addition to specific skills such as academic introductions, writing conference proposals and abstracts, critical reviews of subject literature, conference presentations, and professional communication.

Evaluation 成績評価の方法

Participation: 50%

Each week, students will prepare oral or written responses to assigned readings. Students should become familiar with the relevant background materials and be ready to engage in critical and theoretical discussions of the issues at hand.

Presentation and Writing Activities: 50%

The main project in the course is a short research essay and presentation. Through various oral and written tasks, we will focus on developing skills for critical analysis, graduate-level writing and presentations in academic settings.

Textbook and Materials 教科書・参考書等

  • Readings will be provided by the instructor. A list of readings and research resources will be distributed in the first few weeks of class.
  • Reference: Canadian Encyclopedia (
  • Course Homepage: News & information, reading list, research and writing links.

Useful Reference Materials

  • Wayne Booth et al. The Craft of Research. 3rd Edition. Chicago: U Chicago press, 2008.
  • Avril Coxhead. “The Academic Word List” Wellington, NZ: Victoria University, n.d. PDF file.
  • John M. Swales and Christine B. Feak. Academic Writing for Graduate Students (2nd Edition). Ann Arbor: U Michigan Press, 2013.
  • —. English in Today’s Research World: A Writing Guide. Ann Arbor: U Michigan Press, 2013.
  • Lawrence Zwier. Building Academic Vocabulary. Ann Arbor: U Michigan Press, 2002.

Special Regulations 注意事項
Students are expected to prepare for each class by doing the relevant background research on their own, in addition to preparing their responses to the assigned readings.


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