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Homeworkfor Week 2 (April 19th)

Welcome to Exploring Multiculturalism in Canada, Spring 2016

Read Kymlicka. “The Politics of Multiculturalism.”

Think about the questions below as you read chapter 2, “The Politics of Multiculturalism,” from Will Kymlicka’s book Multicultural Citizenship (Oxford 1995). Choose one question and prepare to give an oral response in class.

1. Discuss Kymlicka’s two broad patterns of diversity in modern nation-states. What are the key differences between them and what implications do they create for the state?

2. Summarize Kymlicka’s three forms of group differentiated rights. What distinctions does Kymlicka make with regard to each kind of group rights?

See the handout attached to the recent email for further details and tasks. (Tasks II and III are optional.)



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